I been with my kids father for 5 almost 6 years now. Its been a long tought road. I am now relaizing that i am not happy where i am at. I want to leave but i am scared of what he would do. i would take my kids with me when i leave. But i dont want him to show up at my dads when i am at work at take my kids away from me. what should i do? should i stay just so my kids have both parents or should i leave so i can be happy.

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    It's not black and white like you said.. It's not a choice of you being unhappy or happy..

    FIRST.. your kids won't be happy if you are NOT.. no matter what.. They sense everything and will grow up knowing.

    Second.. don't take your kids from their father.. You can LEAVE.. and agree to sharing them.. or him visiting them anytime.. and they can live with you full time.. but using them as a tool to take from him and then him taking them back is wrong..

    Can't you talk to him? Tell him you want to leave? And that he can see kids whenever he wants.. but you're leaving?

    He will be mad, yes.. but if you're this unhappy than I imagine he's not happy either..

    I don't believe in staying in something when people are miserable just for the kids... they will grow up MORE scarred from this than watching their parents be happy in their own lives and move on..

    Trust me.
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