Dads turn?

Night shift is my shift sense i get to stay home. Any other moms share this shift? Should we always have this shift? Is "I work" a valid reason to not have the night time shift?

    Great question Theresa! I know many moms struggle with this.

    Both parents need sleep. Doesn't matter if one stay home and the other works out of the home, both need sleep. I firmly believe that both parents need to help with the care during the night. It is just not fair to make one parent deal with a lack of sleep.

    Being a stay at home mom is a job, a very hard job and it is very tiring. I have never seen a stay at home mom who just sits on her butt and relaxes all day. You cook, clean, play, change diapers, feed, etc for the baby.

    Maybe your husband can take 1 or 2 nights a week, allowing you to get some real sleep. Maybe it doesn't have to be a 50/50 split but you are least have to get some sort of break.
      When I stayed at home early on, I sort of took on this role.. especially because he was up early and out the door and gone all day.. BUT.. with that said.. on weekends and ONE night a week when he had an easy day, was HIS night.. and he would get up..

      But you have to have that agreement and routine agreed upon ahead of time.. or there's that bitterness that comes at 3 am when you're up and he's snoring away..

      I never had much of a problem getting up with my kids.. I always kind of thought I did it better and faster anyway.. But once I was able to let go.. the one or two nights a week.. he DID get up were nice.. OR.. on the weekends he would get up in the morning with them.. and though I couldn't actually go back to sleep, it was sure nice to lay in bed alone.. not having to do anything.. :)
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