3 Strikes.. What is your warning schedule?

My kids know.. that if I have to ask a THIRD time, I'm going to be not pleased and start taking things away..

I will give them a nice warning.. "take your plate in..." and then if I have to warn a second time.. I'll make it a little harsher "You guy .. take your plates in please"... and then before I actually get mad, Ill say " I've asked you both nicely two times.. do it now and if I have to ask again, we have a problem"...

They know the problem.. the problem is that they aren't listening and showing me disrespect. and then things go down fast.. TV or game goes OFF immediately.. then the things I asked them to do get done PLUS.. the other things they could have done later or are no big deal... get done.. and suddenly I'm on a cleaning frenzy and they're leading the way.. They know this.. They aren't perfect.. they still sometimes choose to ignore me and then I get a clean house.. lol..

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