Great Post on Yelling Versus Raising your voice...

I don't yell.. I mean I have.. I'm not perfect.. but I don't yell.. I DO raise my voice.. My son was recently at a friends house and when he got home he said the mom yelled a lot at the other child (teenager).. and I asked him if he thought I yelled and he said this...

"You have 3 warning voices mom.. The first one is "get it done kids" .. the second one is "I'm not kidding.. do it".. and the third one is "I'm not Messing around, I'm about to get pissed"...

And for the record... I don't actually say any of that.. But he's right.. The tone when I ask them to do something is exactly that... lol.. Even though I'm saying "I asked you to pick up your clothes".. it's totally the third one some times.. lol..

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