Should I be concerned??

I've had a rash like small red itchy patches on my breasts. There not like extremely noticeable but I know they are there and its mostly around the bottom of my left breast, and maybe two small spots on my right. I've put lotion on to try to help. Could it just be dry skin or possibly something more? It's been like that for 2 months i know for sure.

    I hardly ever sweat and if I do it's usually my back that sweats (gross I know). The first time I ever noticed it it was on my right breast at the top then to my left around the bottom. I know I do have dry skin on my legs but not really anywhere else that i have noticed. Sorry if i'm not being very informative.
      yeah it is scary lol i was on google looking (which is an awful thing to do lol) and it was showing inflammatory breast cancer and i bout got sick lol i know i shouldn't flip out but that scared me.
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