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Hello ladies, I m ftm and my lo is 3 months old. I have been breastfeeding her from birth and now want her to switch to the milk I pump for her but she is rejecting.... what strategies I should apply to make her accept it??

    I have glass bottles with a soft nipple that has a slow flow, I had my fiance introduce her to the bottle at first but she wasn't happy so I fed her with the bottle holding her like I would to breastfeed and she took it with no problem.
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      Ours were older when trying to go from breast to bottle. We had one child who wouldn't take a sippy cup and used bottles for a short time with. We used the Avent bottles and played around with the nipple flow for an older baby.

      I have heard it's better for someone other than the mother to introduce the bottle.
        First off have someone else give her the bottle. You should not be around at all or she will want you.

        How was the milk you are giving her stored? Was it fresh? Refrigerated? Or frozen? I suggest starting out with freshly pumped warm milk when you are first trying to get her to take the bottle. The refrigerated milk and frozen milk will have a different taste due to the enzymes in the milk.

        You might have to try a few different kinds of bottles and nipples before you find one that works. A smaller, softer, flexible nipple is probably best.

        If you don't mind me asking is there a reason you are switching her to the bottle now? Would you be able to hold off awhile longer?
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