Controversial Topic - Circumcision

I would like to discuss circumcision but I don't want it to turn into anyone attacking anyone else. So please, let's try to keep this as nice as possible.

I will start off by saying my son is circumcised. When I circumcised him it was still being recommended and encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Now it is no longer recommended for all boys. In the last few years I have sat back and read many articles and research on both sides of this debate. Sometimes I felt so bad for circumcising my son and other times I felt like I made the best decision I could with the information I was given at the time. During my last two pregnancies my husband and I decided if we had a boy we would not circumcise, but we had girls both times. Now I work as a childbirth education teacher, it is my job to teach parents about their choices they will have to make in those first few days of their child's life. I am very careful to provide unbiased fact based info and to keep my personal opinion out of it.

I have seen this infographic floating around facebook and it really got me thinking today. Some of the stuff we ban and other things we allow doesn't always make much sense.

How do you feel about circumcision?

Thank you for discussing this topic in a respectful manner!

Controversial Topic - Circumcision
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    8Theresa Gould
    Three of our boys are circumcised and one is not. I waited too long for our last one and our family doctor would no longer do it in his office. I had a bad feeling about going to an unknown urologist to have him put under to be circumcised. I figure God had a reason for circumcision and that it's the right choice for us. None of our boys had any issues and I am hoping our youngest doesn't have any due to being uncircumcised.
      If we have a boy I'll let my husband make the call. He is circumcised and it seems like he'd want our son to be circumcised too.

      Personally, I feel like it's one of those decisions where most likely your kid will end up fine either way. There are risks with the procedure if you do it and risks of medical complications later in life if you don't do it, but 99% will be fine no matter what.

      I have a friend who decided to get circumcised at 25yrs old because he was tired of the maintenance of having a foreskin. He said it smelled constantly once he hit puberty no matter how many showers he took or how we'll he cleaned himself. He did a lot of research about what kind of stiches to use, anesthesia options, how much skin to leave, etc. I thought that was interesting because it seems like most people just let the doctor choose all that stuff.

      If we circumcise I will do a ton of research and make sure it's done the way we want.
        I know a lot of times, if the father is circumcised, the son will be. My husband is circumcised. We don't have a son yet. However, if and when we do he will be circumcised.
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