Vomit Art??

If you're like me.. I'm sure you had a reaction like.. Whaaat?!! GROSS!!!
To call THIS art! It's just disgusting. They drink different colored milk then regurgitate it.
I heard about it today.. Lady Gaga performed on stage while having a woman throw up on her. Literally.. stuck her finger in her throat and puked on Gaga repeatedly. o.o

Seriously, What is the world coming to?
Would you buy this art?

Vomit Art??Vomit Art??Vomit Art??
    Extremely unhealthy, dangerous and can cause permanent damage that could lead to death.
      8Theresa Gould
      Oh my. What every one else said and more.
        Eww! That is craziness I don't think that's very safe or healthy not to mention the bacteria that will grow on that art work lol.
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