Impulse Control

Really been trying to work with my daughter with impulse control. Whatever she thinks, she does, regardless of if it is wrong or not. Have tried everything but nothing seems to work. That and she just doesn't listen. We have to constantly tell her to use an inside voice because she feels she needs to scream while playing. She constantly asks to talk on my phone while I am taking an important call and I tell her no because mommy is talking to her doctor so I need to listen. Then she starts whining and shoving her hand in my face telling me to let her talk and she gets put in the corner after I get off the phone and I tell her why she is in the corner but she just keeps doing it. When people are talking she needs to be the one heard and gets louder and louder until we talk to her. But no matter what I do, she keeps it up. It's hard to talk to anyone because she can't control how loud she speaks or can't sit quietly for 2 minutes.

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