The best mom cars for my future family

What is the best mom car, you think?

I think it will vary depending on how many kids you have and what sort of lifestyle you lead. For example, if we will leave in snowy weather, we'll want something with four wheel drive. If we are thinking of travelling a lot though, a van or small bus might be better suited to our needs with their luxury of space. I leave most of the car choosing up to my husband who I think does a pretty good job at thinking ahead for our future. The hardest part has been finding a vehicle my husband is willing to drive, will fit four children (and maybe a friend or two), and doesn't guzzle gas. We want to travel too, so finding something with enough room for children and luggage and supplies can prove to be a challenge. I've already determined I'm not going to be able to park it a lot of places.

My husband REFUSES to the depth of his being to drive a mini-van. I realize once we have four kids his tune might change, but for now he will not put them on the list. He leans toward SUVs.

The ones he's picked out are:

Ford Expedition
Ford Excursion
Chevrolet Suburban

And on the higher end...

Lincoln Navigator
Cadillac Escalade
GMC Yukon Denali

Caleb told me that all of these have good towing capacity in case we were to ever get a boat or need to haul something for a move. They are mostly gas hogs though. I would really like something greener, but he's not a fan of most things electric either.

Caleb picked these over some of the newer crossover vehicles because those aren't very good off-road and we plan to live kind of out in the boonies, maybe with a small farm. Crossovers wouldn't be bad in the city or suburbs, but we do need something a little more durable.

He's kind of a car buff, so I try to leave stuff like this up to him. Anything with an engine really. Give me strength for the day he wants to put one of our babies on a motorcycle, lol.

What about you guys? What kind of cars fit your family? Why?

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    4Ronna Jones
    We have a red 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan that my husband loves to drive he says it has more pep than most mini vans and is very comfortable and he loves all the electronics included.
    4Ronna Jones
    Oh yea supposed to be my car but he drives it more and said if we win the lotto he wants one just like mine!
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