Getting pregnant right after miscarriage.

I've heard two sides to this argument, both of which make some very valid points.

Let me start by saying that I got pregnant (to my surprise!) directly after a miscarriage with no period in between.

When I had my initial miscarriage, I was sure to ask my obstetrician how long I should wait before trying again since I took fertility aids to become pregnant the first time. I was very afraid he would say something along the lines of six months because that is what I have often heard. That, and one month.

To my surprise, he said we could begin trying again immediately, and newer research suggests that directly after miscarriage a woman is often super fertile and 'primed' for pregnancy. Pregnancies directly after miscarriage may sometimes have a better outcome than other times. He said it wouldn't hurt to wait a month though.

I have heard from other sources that starting from an imbalanced hormone level may make pregnancy more difficult.

I can tell you that after years of trying,I got pregnant again immediately after my miscarriage. I can attest to being more fertile, certainly, because I did not take any supplements during this time. However, that pregnancy also ended in miscarriage. Whether that was caused by being pregnant directly after miscarriage or other possible health issues that were going on, I can't be certain.

I think if you miscarried later than I did, there might be more risk associated with becoming pregnant immediately. If you miscarried fairly early though, I think it is safe enough to continue trying or at least not be concerned if you do fall pregnant again.

I wouldn't, however, suggest actively trying to conceive again until both you and your husband are emotionally prepared, as miscarriage is not only hard on the body, but the mind and soul as well.

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