Ugh! Kristen cavaliri (or whatever) has "heard" stuff about not vaccinating kids.

Boo!!! At least Jenny McCarthy had scientific documents supporting her beliefs.
Then the medical release of the journal retracting their statements that the link to autism and vaccinating were obvious.
Look. Do what you want, it's your child.. But do your research. Not just what you hear or think or suspect.
And FYI. The kids in California that have the mump like symptoms .. And are sick in hospitals? NOT vaccinated.
Also.. Some swimming pools have chemical that cause cancer, air you breathe has toxins that could cause tumors.

Over it.

I have friends with autistic kids on all the scale range. 2 not vaccinated, 2 were.
All are now.

Just sayin.

    It makes me upset when people put their kids at risk of life-threatening illnesses because of fear of autism. I can understand many other reasons not to vaccinate, even if I do not agree with them, but fear of autism as a reason to put your child at risk of DEATH?

    I have a baby who passed away AND a son with autism. I would rather have a child with autism than a child dead. I can't understand why people think autism is worse than death.
      Sabrina, it riles me up too!

      Here's the thing, there are NO studies out there that correlate vaccines with autism. None. The one that had everyone up in arms has even been found to be a faulty study. Even with THAT said, the amount of preservatives and they type have been changed in vaccines due to the concerns raised. And that was changed a long time ago.

      Here's a great link about the topic.…
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