On my way to go grocery shopping

I finally got dressed and cleaned and organized the kitchen this morning, I have thrown out any outdated food items and made a grocery list based on the recipes I use so I'm restocking the kitchen and getting all the groceries and everything today, so I'll be going to Walmart, Sam's and Costco today to get everything. Emily and her friend are staying home with all the kids while I do my running so I will take my time and enjoy some peaceful time shopping, Emily is making the rest of the kids lunch to help me out so I'm going to get going now that I have my list made out and I'm ready to go. Hope you ladies are having a great Saturday.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    Sounds like you have had a productive day! If you ever feel like cleaning out another fridge my home is open to you. ;)

    I have been busy too. Did taxes for two clients this morning, ran Mini over to her boyfriends house, came home and cleaned out litter boxes, vacuumed and scrubbed down the counters. How in the world do my kids manage to get so much stuff on the counters between meals? Grrr.

    Mini did make breakfast for us all this morning and Bub cleaned the living room and ran the trash out. So at least they've been helpful!
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