Children believe in Santa - healthy or unhealthy

Believe in something that is a myth but based on a story of a man who gave gifts to the poor. Then there's the fact that its Jesus's birthday and you celebrate with gifts because he shares his love. I think that it's okay to let your kids have a healthy imagination as long as they learn the real story behind what this day represents. Santa is a helper to deliver gifts of love and joy. I'm for Santa but I write on the gifts from mom & dad.
It's your choice to tell your children what you want to. Just remember that "Christmas" is a day to keep peace, love and joy!

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It's healthy for children to have an imagination but it's also great for her to know the true stories behind where Santa was derived from, I will let her know it's not nice to tell others what they can and cannot believe in. If they want to believe in something different that's their choice. I'm hoping she'll be very open minded like me and her dad. Keeping secrets from others is fine as long as no one is being harmed by it.
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