Have you ever had to take an ER trip with your kiddos?

Between the two kids I have had to take probably 7 or 8 trips. They've each had viruses that required IV fluids. Mini had stitches twice before she was 5 years old. Bub got into a bottle of Advil that I had up on top of the microwave on a counter (I had no idea he could climb up there, I was in the shower). He had milkmaids elbow once and sprained his arm during a night time game of hide and seek. I'm sure there's one or two I have forgotten, but apparently my kids are unlucky!

Have you had an ER trip with your kiddos?

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      Christina, goodness yes it's miserable having a baby in the hospital! I only had to do inpatient with one, Bub got dehydrated and had to stay for two days. The only funny part about the whole thing was my (now ex) husband brought my daughter up to see us. She had on a cute dress, the shoes matched and her hair was in pigtails. The reason it was funny is because he never dressed her or did her hair. That was always me (I liked doing it!) and he was all proud of himself. "I did good, see!"

      That was about the time I realized I really needed to step back and let him have a hand in things that I normally just took over on.
        Yes to many to count.

        Haiden(oldest) first time was when he fell from the basement stairs and bit right through his bottom lip. 1 month later it was a saftey precaution cuz he had rezidue of the mortor from our chimney when we were fixing it. Severe stomach pain which turned into a gas issue. Also every time he gets sick even with minor cold i have to take him cuz he gets worse like dehydration.

        Logan(middle) was 1 week old he had a high fever that wouldnt break, turns out viral menegitis. Also was there for a fractured finger that oldest caused, and husband caused. Once for croupe that almost costed him his life.

        Vincent has not had any yet.
          oh we went there 4 times with my son! LOL! ... once when he got bit by a dog... another 2 when he stuck beads up his nose and a third when my daughter accidentally hit him with a mop (or so she says it was an accident) ... The only one that was traumatic was the dog bite. It bit across his face getting his left cheek and right eye. the cheek was an easy stich but we had to do to the children's hospital for his eye because it tore the tear duct when it bit and he had to have emergency eye surgery. Mind you this was thanksgiving night and we were in the ER until 2 AM the next day!
            Sheila, goodness gracious! I bet that was scary! I have to say though, poison control were the nicest people ever when I had to call for Bub. I was freaked the heck out and they were so... calm.

            Ashley, oh man, viral meningitis? That is scary stuff! We haven't had any fractures.. yet. Let me knock on wood. Just the really bad sprain which was traumatic for my son.

            Magen, owie on the eye injury! I would have been so upset if a dog hurt my child like that! Mini has been bit twice, but both times it was something she did that the dog reacted to so I couldn't get but so mad.
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