a child with ADHD, how to improve behavior

Research finds that kids with attention deficits are often calmer, more focused, and more able to follow directions after a time outside, especially in settings like a part or backyard. It seems a brief time in the great outdoors gives kids the chance to burn off excess energy. Look for active outdoor outlets your kid might enjoy that help him work off that " surplus oomph" and help him focus for longer stretches. Possibilities might include gymnastics, tae kwon do, karate, basketball, bike riding, swimming, just choose what turns your kid on.

Another good idea is to create an organizational system. Keep him busy. Provide a small date book with a page for each school day on which to write assignments. Then purchase a small binder with a different colored divider for each school subject plus two additional dividers. Print " to do" on the front of one divider and "finished" on another, and then write the name of each subject on the remaining dividers. One at a time, teach your child to do these five steps:
1. Date. Write each assignment in the date datebook on the due date the minute it is given
2. Store. Put each assignment in the To Do section
3. Do. The first task is to review the datebook assignment. Then remove your papers from the To Do section.
4. Cross off. As each task is completed, cross off the assignment in the datebook
5. Finish. Put each completed assignment in the Finished section of the binder

The trick is to teach only one organizational step at a time and then review the step with your child until it becomes a habit.

Some tips for parents:
-Keep emotions in check: the best way to response is to be calm, logical, and direct. Stay calm.
- Give clear, simple, step-by-step directions, repeat if needed.
- Be patient. Your child may take longer to process what you say. Give him time to think
- Prepare for events. You can help reduce the stress in asocial situation by preparing your child for what might happen at a social event. Let him know how many people will be there, the event theme, how long it lasts, and other details that might help him feel secure.

If you are struggling with your child diagnosis, then consider finding a parent support group in your area or online, or getting counseling to help you find the inner strength you will need to help you help your child.

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