Baby Name!

Okay.. so yesterday, in the studio, a super sweet gal came in and she was expecting.. she didn't realize I was too (I had a long scarf on), so when I told her.. we were insta friends! She is due a month AFTER me.. and they are having a little girl.. she told me the name they are thinking, and two others in the running and desperately wanted to know all our thoughts on it.. as much as I love she wanted our thoughts.. I felt bad, because I wanted her to realize it's HER choice.. my opinion shouldn't matter, no one else's should (perhaps her husband) ;) But I really hope Mommas know.. it's YOUR kid.. it will fit them.. That's one reason why we aren't sharing our name choices.. it's our baby.. our choice..

Do you Mommas agree with this?​

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    Amanda Hurley
    Yup. I got a lot of muck about Grahm's name. I even had one friend that said she was going to nickname him Graham Cracker. Ultimately, I think his name suits him just fine. It is YOUR choice. Noone else should be able to tell you what you should or shouldn't name your child.
      8Theresa Gould
      Yep, I agree.
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