Amazon Registry!

Has anyone else (I know Cassaundra did) create an AMAZON baby registry? I found this SO amazing.. I added the A pin to my tool bar on my computer and can literally add anything from any website! Some of my girlfriends acted like this isn't practical.. because people like to go to Target or wherever.. to be honest.. psssh. I have items from those retail stores.. but I HATE going to them.. My husband and I registered online for ALL our wedding stuff too. Granted.. I go into the store to check things out.. but the idea that all my baby jazz has to be from Target or somewhere is lost on me... and quite frankly, won't be happening :)

What do you Mommas think?

Am I making it easier? Harder?​

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    Kat Mahoney
    I love these things. Now, mind you, I got married and had my kids before all this stuff on line became big, so I never had a chance to do it, but I would so do this in a heartbeat if I could do it all over again (and I just might since our 25th Silver wedding anniversary is coming in in two years and we'll be getting re-married). I say its a great idea and Amazon is a wonderful and trust-worthy place to shop anyways! lol
      Amanda Hurley
      I think it would be easier. There are some things online that you can buy in stores if you choose. It also helps those who like to shop online too. I think its a great idea, and it saves you from going to four different stores to make registries.
        I haven't done that. I have Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, and Baby Depot from Burlington. I found that Target and Babies R Us had the best welcome gifts (that and Motherhood's was nice), Walmart is a popular choice, and Burlington's Baby Depot was full of great options and deals online and in stores! I made all my registries online, filled them up, then went into the stores and added more because there are something I feel you should see and pick out in stores, like the right crib, car seat, and strollers. I try doing a mix, plus the different stores, I felt, opened up options for people to choose where to go and pick for their budgets. :)
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