My Son's Figuring it out!!

He's 9 and he's no dummy... He's totally figured out how to get "out" of things... Oh, he's good.. But I'm better...

One of the things my kids have to do is make their beds.. I usually only really enforce this on the weekends, as week days, getting out of the house on time for school and lunches and breakfast and shoes on.. is enough for me. (Not a morning person)...

But this weekend, I had my kids make their beds before we left for the day and my daughter.. did it "perfectly".. set up her pillows and animals and was super pleased with herself.. My son.. on the other hand.. he's a dude and really HATES .. well.. anything he doesn't want to do.. and we joke about it.. I mean the kid would sooner die of thirst than get his own water..

So, after he "made" his bed, I checked and of course it was just horrible.. So, I had him remake it... and again.. Fail.. The sheet was all twisted and the covers were all hanging off.. and he was like "Whaat?".. So, finally.. I said, "here.. like this buddy" and then did it.. and he said, "great.. I'll know for next time".. and then I realized.. THIS was the next time and I looked at him and saw the feigned innocence on his face and I said, "I'm so on to you" and he laughed.. He stuck to his guns man.. Swears up and down that he just "can't do it right".. LOL.. And he HAD me... for a second.. He had me.. But, now I've wisened up... Oh, it's on buddy... :)​

    Amanda Hurley
    Have fun with that. Lol.
      8Theresa Gould
      lol! :)
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