spit up and when should they get looked at?

my son is three months old and has ger. He hasn't been holding anything down. I don't know what to do.my grandma says to take him in to the e.r. but I don't know if we are over reacting. He hasn't had a fever since yesterday .not sure what to do.

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      I hope he gets better soon. If he has wet diapers still at least hes not dehydrated.
      You should call your infant’s pediatrician right away if your infant
      vomits large amounts or has persistent projectile, or forceful vomiting,
      vomits fluid that is green or yellow, looks like coffee grounds, or contains blood
      has difficulty breathing after vomiting or spitting up
      refuses feedings repeatedly,
      cries excessively and is extremely irritable
      shows signs of dehydration, such as dry diapers or no tears when crying.
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