I did it. Spring cleaning is moving along.

So i am in the process of spring cleaning and was making lot of progress of throwing trash out and dontating clothes.

So i have not dumped out haiden or logans toy box out in over 2years. So on top of my busy shedule i dumped out the toys boxes, and threw away toys that were broken, sorted legos out of it and put it in lego bin, and found garabage in it. I went through their closet and donataded a few shirts as haiden had to much and logan had some that could be donated and sorted into my 3t bin.
Tommorow my husband needs to go through his clothes in our closest and do sell pile and donate pile, get rid of stuff in the storage above our closet.
After all that i will be sorting out the other boxes of clothes, and eventully will get to my big storage closet.

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