Glow Stick balloons! (From A super NON-Crafty Mom)

First.. I'm not crafty... At all.. Like I glue myself to things..

BUT, This Halloween season, I've become a little obsessed with Glow Stick Crafts... My son is 9 and I needed to come up with some Idea for his 4th grade class to do... That was cool and Not Kindergarten like...

SO, I actually made these BEFORE I realized that my idea was NOT original.. at all...

BUT.. they were a lot of fun and super cheap...

Take your glow stick... the smaller ones worked the best, crack 'em so they're glowing and then put into a deflated balloon... and then blow balloon up, tie and there you go...

We did some green ones and used a black Sharpi to Make "Alien eyes and Mouth" and White Balloons and did the same but "Ghost eyes"... We made a bunch, turned out the lights and everyone was entertained for a while.. (okay, fine...20 minutes.. ​)...

They were also sort of cool after the kids went to bed and were all sort of floating around my living room; gave a nice, soft glow and cozy festive feeling...

So, there's my big craft for the year!!! My work is done here...

Glow Stick balloons! (From A super NON-Crafty Mom)
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    Amanda Hurley
    My kids would flip. Awesome idea. I gotta get to the dollar store now. Lol.
      8Theresa Gould
      Our kids would love doing this. They love balloons and glow sticks!
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