Trying to stop the fear for my little guy

I am so excited for Halloween I love being scared. My poor son is so afraid of so many things and his sister (she is only 4) and she is brave for the most part. Once she realizes it is not real she is somewhat okay with it where my son forget it he doesnt care if it is real or not his behind is outta there lol.

We are trying to make him see that he has nothing to be afraid of but he is just not having it. Has anyone gone through this is there a way to show him he has nothing to fear?

    Oh YEAH! How old is he??

    Even though they "know" it's fake.. it's still freaks them out and the fact that sometimes it's surprising... like around the corner, or in a store or a scary ghost is now where a normal garden used to be.. it's unsettling to them and they seem to be MORE on edge...

    Both my kids went through that around this time .. and at different times... For my son, we trick or treated in the light and I tried to warn him of things coming and would act more FUN and PLAYFUL when it would happen... and tried to show them that I was having fun and was silly and maybe they should take my lead...

    I found that if I was more sensitive to them.. and acted protective or took their fears really seriously that it only made it worse..., So even though I would address them, I did it in a casual, no biggie, it's okay "it can be scary sometimes but look at it.. so silly" .. kind of way, they loosened up... The less attention I gave it to be "serious".. they backed off.. I still of course was there for them.. and acknowledge their fears but was quick to shake it off and move on... It passes...

    Good luck.. and I know how you feel.. part of you feels badly and the other part is like, dude... really?
    LOL Exactly! He is 6 and its so cute because he will try and play it off like he is not scared he just wants to do something different. We went to his school for their fall festival and he had a blast getting candy and seeing his little friends from his class. They had a little haunted house in the cafeteria on the stage he was all set to go in as long as mommy went with him. As we are walking in I see one of the teachers with a wig crawling on the floor near us, she said hi in a creepy way to the kids in front of us and my son turned around shaking his head and went back the way we came in LOL I asked him if he was scared and he said "no mommy I just wanted to see something else" so adorable lol
      Kat Mahoney
      The best thing I have found was a community Halloween Costume Festival to start them off. it's not scary per say, but it offers a lot of imagination in a friendly, outgoing environment so the kids can dress up and get used to seeing a "friendlier" side of Halloween. That may help better prepare him to see that it's all make believe until you feel he is over that phase and can handle more. I wouldn't force him into going if he isn't ready. I would allow him to help you pass out the candy so he can see the kids dressed up but asking HIM for candy instead. However, some kids just won't outgrow that fear (like myself *cough*) as I'm not big on the gore or haunted stuff, but my family loves it. I'd rather see humor and creativity, but as my kids got older, they just jumped on the bandwagon with the zombies and stuff. All in all, if you make it a fun environment, and keep him around a more creative Halloween festivities, he will eventually start to enjoy it and find his own interests in the celebrating the imagination.
        8Theresa Gould
        Sometimes it is hard for children to separate real from imaginary. I wouldn't push it on him if he isn't ready.
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