My six year old made me cry

Ok, so Jasmine is home from school sick. I am trying to get her 2 year old sister down for a nap. NOT AN EASY TASK. She is laying here screaming and hollering. Jasmine came in and started talking to her in the sweetest voice. She was telling her that momma wasn't trying to be mean, but that she is sick and needs her rest. She then proceeded to tell her all the cool things she could do when she wakes up. They are now in their bed laying down together watching Free Willy. I am crying. I have raised a very compassionate young woman. She is growing up way too fast. How did this happen??​

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
Amanda Hurley
She would love it. She seriously is the reason we are pregnant again. She told me when Grahm was 4 months old that she wanted us to have another. She missed him being so little.
    8Theresa Gould
    How sweet. Children never cease to amaze me.
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