Is working from home as stressful as other jobs?

I think whether a work from home job is as stressful as something outside the home really depends on the jobs in question. I think in my situation, overall, no. Mind you, as I discuss this, I am coming from a place in my life without any children. For me, personally, I think being able to stay at home with any future children I have would greatly outweigh any benefits of an out-of-the-home job, assuming I could maintain enough balance to set aside true quality time with the kids. However, I'm not a particularly social person as far as the physical world goes, and do most of my socializing online or via text as it is.

I have worked both outside the home and online. Each has their benefits.

So, to explain my view, I'm going to list some pros and cons of working from home in my situation.

Working From Home-

1. Self-defined schedule – I tend to keep a pretty strange, almost revolving schedule. Sometimes I'm up 8 am to 2 am. Other times I'm awake 3pm to 9 am. And everything in between. Work outside the home jobs probably wouldn't be too fond of that.
2. PJ's – Well, they're just comfy!
3. Being available should something with friend or family arise that requires my attention.
4. A constant supply of food and drinks helps with eating in small bursts throughout the day which can be very healthy for your body.
5. No traveling so no wear and tear on the car, wasted hours on commute, wasted money on gas.
6. Being able to communicate via emails and similar methods vs. in person. It's always nice to be able to reread what someone has asked you to do rather than possibly forgetting or misremembering the task. Emails are (nearly) forever.

1. Self-defined schedule – It's really easy when you work at home, especially when you work for yourself, to overload yourself or underestimate the amount of time a task will take. I work on a LOT of projects simultaneously, so it can sometimes feel overwhelming. I have worked (from my phone) on a trip to Hollywood with my best friend. I'm pretty sure I even worked at one point while walking around Disneyland. You really have to know your limits if you are to leave your schedule in your own hands. And if you're like me, it can be really difficult to schedule yourself breaks.

2. PJ's- They're GREAT, don't get me wrong... But sometimes after sitting inside for a week wearing my pajamas, no matter how much I have ACTUALLY done, that unproductive, frumpy feeling comes creeping on. It's important to take time for yourself to pretty up and feel human every now and then.

3. Being around for family and friends - I love being available for all the big events in my friends and family's lives... BUT. Working from home sometimes gives work outside the home-ers that you don't work. Interrupting any time seems completely acceptable because you're home. You must not be busy.

4. A constant supply of food... Well, there are obvious drawbacks to sitting on one's butt and snacking all day. Namely, it can get a whole lot bigger.

5. No travel- Sometimes you just need to step out of the house and get some Vitamin D, even if it's just through the car windows. Plus, a commute can be a time to wind down and switch to 'home mode.' Even though I'm always home, I'm also always at work.

6. Internet and other textual communication - On busy weeks, my vocal communication actually takes a hard blow because I speak out loud so infrequently. One of those strange but true quirks of working from home.

So, as you can see, working from home is all about being able to strike a balance. The pros and the cons are synonymous. For me, it's worth it, but you really have to take into account your needs, dreams, self-motivation, social needs, skills, and situation.

What do you think? Have you tried both? Which job did you find more stressful?

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    I understand that, Brande! I do more from home than I did when I worked outside the home too.
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      Elena, I love that last part lol! It certainly does make it easier to be on time. Even if you wake up 'late' you're only a few steps away from work!
        This is a great post! I agree with everything! I can only add that once the baby is in the picture the self defined schedule is much harder to maintain. Mainly because it's no longer selfies defined - it's baby defined.

        Avery does follow a pretty good shedule though, which is probably because I try hard to stick to it for work. Still, she has to eat when she's hungry, nap when she's tired, play when she's playful, and cuddle when she's cuddly. When all that happens is out of my control and that really does effect my ability to work the way I want to some days.
        Thanks for sharing, Meg! It's interesting to see the perspective of a mama who worked from home before and after baby. Hope all is well with you and Monroe!
        I miss you too, Meg! I think we're always on at different hours! Feel free to hit up my inbox anytime, chicka! :) :)
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