newborn out and about??

How long after your baby was born did you wait to really take them out? My first son I waited till he was a month old. But my little sisters baby shower is tomorrow an I have to daughter is only two it a good idea..will she be okay germ wise...

    My doctor recommended 2 weeks before going out in public places.
      I took Avery out for shirt periods when she was probably about a week old. We went on walks around town nd visited my class at the gym. Nobody really held her because she slept through most of it. It was also summer so it wasn't like colds we're going around or anything.

      I think babies are pretty resilient and as long as your smart about it she'll be safe in a public place. Have people wash their hands before touching her and keep her close to you.
        I think it is fine to go the babyshower and long as you don't let anyone hold or touch her. It is still cold, flu, and RSV season and I worry about a baby that young getting sick easily. You might have to be the tough guy and tell people to keep their hands off.
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