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I have a two year girl that I love very much, I'm in school, I work and just found out I'm pregnant again . I'm happy but I can't help but be sad, sad that I don't have a stable home for us , I'm living with a family member who make life hell for the past months. With that say I just can't be happy about this baby in till I'm in a better living arrangement .

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    Feel free to vent as much as you need to. We are here to offer support and advice. Reach out if you need any more support.
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    It good to talk to people who whole no judgement. I can't found myself to tell any yet, we'll family. My family had never than any for me but have a lot to say about my life. Even though I been with the same person seen I was 18.
    I can't never stood up for myself when it came to them. And it ruining my relationship. What can I do to have to do so I don't have to choose.
      Hi Clairie.. (love your name) :) I am so sorry you haven't been able to be completely excited about the new baby on the way.. yet.. but it will happen! We all go through rough patches in life.. and yours is sure to get better! I say try to focus on the joy that is coming your way.. and remember that no one's life is ever perfect and flawless.. embrace what you do have as blessings and before you know it, things will turn around :) Always here if you need someone!
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