So the past few days I havent felt minute im happy an the next im crying. .I also feel frustrated an disconnected. .maybe I just need someone to talk to..idk..

    Hey Misty.. we are HERE!

    And I have been THERE, so recently.. most of what you are experiencing I guarantee is hormones.. I do want to make sure you don't feel like harming yourself or the baby or Kohen.. so please let us know if you EVER feel like that.. do you have a support system at all at home? Someone you can talk and cry too.. being a new Mom is so hard and exhausting.. but it will get better and a new routine will form!

    We are all here, day and night.. if you need to talk, please pm me!
    Well you are not alone.. anytime you are awake at night.. picture me awake with our new baby too :) It can totally feel lonely.. if WITH a husband there, because I am feeding the babe, etc.. so you aren't alone.. thousands of women are feeling what you are.. Try to take even 5-10 minutes for yourself to lay on the bed or couch and do deep breathing and center yourself if you can.. something so small can make such a huge difference! Do you have any friends or family that could come over?
      Hes also sick..I just feel selfish I guess.. I feel like I should be able to handle this on my own. I kno thats stupid an prolly one of the reasons I feel so down. I raised my first all by myself..but its alot harder with two an zero sleep..I kno it will grt better I guess I just need to vent to someone. .its like I dont wanna vent to my hubby cuz hes got enough on his plate right now to have to listen to me or ill just feel stupid for feeling this way cuz im usually the tough one an dont wanna be judged. .so I guess talking it out with steangers just feel safer in away...
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