At what age can baby hold a sitting position

​As for me, I started to sit down my son till his 6 months. I offered him forefingers, and he clutched at them, and I pulled him over and so he sat down. I left him in that position not more than 1 minute. Our children's orthopedist did not recommend us to sit down for a long time, because it is tiring for a child's back (this also applies car seats and slings). You need to give everything take its course.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I think the norm is 6 months. Only our oldest was a bit early, but she was early with everything! ;) We would prop baby up with our big couch pillows and as a way to protect them if they toppled over and like you said, if they tired they'd just slowly droop and lean back on the pillows. I smile just thinking about them at that age!