Is it dangerous to give your baby cereal in their bottle

​I started giving my son cereal somewhere with his 6 months. I started with buckwheat cereal (now sold a lot of cereals intended for kids of all ages), and then was a corn cereal and then the rice cereal. I bought cereal for infants from 6 months and they were just for the bottle. And it wasn't dangerous.

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    Amanda Hurley
    I never gave my kids cereal in a bottle. My pediatrician told us that it is a choking hazard. Makenzie was 4 weeks old when we had to start her on cereal. We put her in a bouncing seat to feed her. I know plenty of people who gave their children cereal in the bottle with no repercussions. I guess it depends on the pediatrician.
      My step-daughter Kylie was premature and the nicu gave her cereal right from the start to help her acid reflux and keep her food down so she could gain weight. I don't think it can be that dangerous if they give it to premies.