Do you know any tricks to suppress hunger?

I would like to lose some weight but my problem is if I'm trying to limit my calories intake I start feeling very hungry. Do you know how to suppress appetite? My friend recommends to drink tea with honey or cappuccino when you feel like eating.

    Hmm.. filling up on protein perhaps?

    Carbs will make you MORE hungry.. so steer clear of those!

    I really wouldn't recommend suppressing your hunger, but learning how to manage it would be much more healthy.. after all, you need to eat calories to burn them :) Cutting yourself off eating at 8/9pm can do wonders.. and eating breakfast can really set the tone of your day too! :)
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        Grapefruit and apples are appetite suppressors, also healthy fats snacking on two tablespoons of natural peanut butter, an ounce of nuts, or a quarter of an avocado.
        The no-carb craze made spuds out to be dietary villains, but these starches actually have appetite-slaying superpowers. They contain a special type of starch that resists digestive enzymes. Because potatoes take a while to break down, they stay in your intestine longer, delaying the onset of hunger pangs.
        Spicy food helps too, if you drink tea don't add any sugar.
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            Lean proteins and dark greens, plus nuts, beans and vegetables and fruits. Whole grains, not white starches. Atkins diet or lifestyle helps and there articles are interesting. A lot of white products have alternative whole grain. Drinking tea and coffee is fine, but caffeine causes you to become hungry after an hour or so. Water, juice you make yourself if you can afford it or organic, milk, and carbonated flavored waters.
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