Period after Pregnancy

Hi Everyone!
Well, my son is going to be 4 months old next week and my milk dried up at around the 3 month mark so I've been wondering when my period should start up again. So far nothing. Should I be concerned? Or is it normal that it might be a while before you get one again?

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    I agree, everyone is different. I do not think you should be concerned, it sounds normal.

    I exclusively breastfed all of my babies and my period came back at 6 weeks postpartum, stupid period! I guess my body didn't get the memo that breastfeeding should delay the return of your period. I know other moms who only breastfed a few weeks and they went more than 6months without a period.
      My period returned about 10 weeks after I stopped pumping.
        Oh! And don't forget that you will be fertile and ovulate BEFORE you get your first period so make sure you are using some form of birth control if you don't want to get pregnant right now.
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