For me, activity had to be incorporated.

I had a terrible time keeping up an exercise routine with small children. I did best by just being busy, and not in the kitchen! Walk a lot. Stand rather than sit. Exercise by putting on fun music and dancing with the kids. Break a sweat at least once a day!

Time to myself was very difficult, but time with the kids was always available! My biggest problem during the small kid years was eating triple: while I cooked, on my own plate, and finishing the kids plates when we were finished. Eeek!

Kerri BrimmerRossford, Ohio
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    Kerri Brimmer
    The only way I was able to get a "workout" in was to run or walk early a.m.. Then, half the time, I would arrive home to a frantic husband because a kid woke early and needed things and was crying for me and he was trying to get out the door for work. Those years are hard. My kids were clingy. I worked a lot of hours. You just do what you can!
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      I used to walk every morning with my children for several years. It was the first thing we'd do in the spring, summer and fall because if we didn't do it right away I never got to it. Then for one reason or another I got out of the habit and have yet to get back into it. I miss it. I would walk pushing the stroller with the 2-3 younger ones and the older ones would ride their bikes. They loved it.
      8Theresa Gould
      No, I think if you make it a goal and stick to it, it is quite do-able. Make it a part of your new routine.
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