Only Pink Dye Tests

I highly recommend using pink dye pregnancy tests. Thy are very accurate and have a very low rate of false positives. I have used the cheap dollar store tests and the expensive name brand tests and I found that they were pretty much the same. I stopped spending my money on the expensive name brand tests and just used the cheap tests.

Never use the blue dye pregnancy tests. They are known for having a high rate of false positives. If you have been trying to conceive for awhile one of the worse things you could get is a positive pregnancy test and get excited just to find out it was a false positive. Many women have been let down by these tests.

Moms Expertise
    I tested weekly until my first ultrasound. (I just couldn't believe I was pregnant!!) My initial tests were 2 Rite Aid generic EPT tests. Yes, they worked well. But, the Dollar Tree ones worked just as well! All the ones I took after the initial tests were Dollar Tree. They were just as fast (if not faster) and clearly as accurate!
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