idk what to do for my 4 month old she is teething and is always crying sometimes wont even take a bottle my oldest was never like this at all

any advise will be taken

    I am in the same boat! Aubrielle will be 4 months on Wednesday. I can see where her first tooth will be coming in on the bottom. She has had a few mild fevers in the past week, has been very congested & fussy. Not to mention, she is drooling like crazy, and puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!
    My pediatrician said I could give her .4 ml of Tylenol for the fever. But, before giving your baby Tylenol, be sure to ask her pedi! The Hyland's Teething tablets work well. I've also (recently) hear a lot of good things about Amber teething necklaces.
      Hey Ashley :-) I had problems with my son teething as well...right around the same time as your experiencing. Have you tried or heard of Baby Orajel Swabs? They seemed to work for him...and the application is a lot easier since they come in individual swabs. Also, rather than using anything frozen for him to suck or bite on, we would use teething rings that we would always keep on hand in the refrigerator. We had a bunch of them at all times getting chilly in the fridge. I felt like the frozen rings might be a bit too cold. Sounds like a simple fix...but it seemed to work. Let me know how it works for you!
        Well i can relate cuz my youngest is not like my older boys at all. He is teething now and is acting like the end of the world. He has no problem eating bottles but he only will take it from me no one else, has has gone all day without a bottle.

        I cant help him much, but i did discoer tylnol helps a little bit or swaddling him in a swaddle blanket
          Try the frozen paci trick before a feed. Numbing the mouth should help. You could also try teething mittens and that way she always has something to chew when need be
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