Can a woman truly regret having children?

Can a woman truly regret having children?

Unfortunately, I think the answer to this question is yes. At one point, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I was browsing a forum of parents who were just absolutely depressed about having children. I'm not talking about post-partum depression. I mean women who felt they had been cheated out of their lives, who had become resentful of their kids. Some even bordered on sheer rage.

I understand how this can seem selfless to some, but I come from a place of all feelings being valid. They may not be helpful, maybe you shouldn't act on them, but they are still valid feelings that deserve to be recognized and dealt with accordingly.

Most of these women felt a strong sense of responsibility to their family and had no intention of expressing these thoughts to their children, but many desperately wanted to just get out of their situation. Do what they wanted. Have a career. Be carefree. De-stress. Whatever it was that was so tempting was eeking into their souls.

Obviously, I don't actually KNOW these women. Maybe it was a forum of frustrated parents having a bad day. Maybe they didn't TRULY regret having children, but at least in the moment they seemed to.

Have you guys ever experienced similar feelings? How did you cope? Do you think it's possible for a woman to truly regret on a base level having children?

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    I do believe that there are many women that were just not meant to be a mother. I think they know this prior to getting pregnant but for whatever reason choose to try anyway. Everyone is different with different goals in there lives. For some, I think the workforce is what they feel is most important. As for me, I have never, ever regretted having my daughter. She is my world. I do regret however never being able to have a second child.
    I agree. I think career takes the place of children for quite a few women- it is something that you can spend tons of time on, nurture, watch mature... I think a lot of women fall into the trap of having children because they're 'supposed' to. I know you wanted another baby, but think... That kid would have been exposed to ME their whole life lol! We don't need another nut in the family hahahahaha!

    I promise, one day, I'll give you lovely little grandbabies you can spoil as if they were your own. :)
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