help ??

I'm having difficulty and i am so curious does anybody else have a baby boy or a girl and they have a had time getting rid of a yeast infection ..... my son had a normal diaper rash on Saturday Sunday it turned into a full blown mad infection and of course after trying to make it better on my own i took him to see a doctor and they gave us Diflucan since Nystatin no longer works anymore and i'm at my wits end i change his butt throught out that day specially when he's saging even a little i don't know what else to do but i need advice

    thanx ladies ive tried the naked drying out thing but he hates being naked i mean he screams bloody murder which is weird... and im calling his doctor today and telling her whats been going looks alot better but im still worried that it will come back and the only thing i can think of is apple juice i used a little 4oz container of juice and watered it down with 4 oz of water so idk what else would have caused it he cant handle cows at all so he's on soy he handles that perfectly.....desityn didnt help he cant use the parents choice wipes or pampers sensitive for some reason they make him red so we dont use those and right now im using vasaline an mallox which is what my friends told me to use and that seems to be helping more than him being naked
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