Why did't I get teased?

There is a lot of talk about what to do about bullying lately. A lot of people think that uniformity is the answer. If we make all kids wear the same clothes, like the same toys, and behave the same way then no one will get teased, right? Wrong. people will find differences, we're programed that way. Kids will still tease each other. It's impossible to make bullying stop by trying to make everyone the same. So what do we do?

I started thinking about my own childhood. I was a weird kid. I was quiet and nerdy with glasses and braces. I would rather play power rangers with the boys and wouldn't be caught dead in lip gloss. I had no clue how to dress myself and my hair was always in knots. My mother tried and tried to get me to act like a girl because she thought I'd get bullied. My own mother didn't like who I was. At least that's how i felt because she was always trying to "fix" me. But you know what? I never got bullied. I owned my differences. I was proud to be weird. If someone didn't like me I just walked away and found someone who did.

So what if we take a lesson from 10 year old me? Embrace what makes our kids different and teach them to embrace it too. instead of stifling our kids self expression in some backwards attempted to stop bullying why don't we teach our kids how great it is to be different? Teach them that the bully is wrong - not tne boy who wore pink to school or the girl with the G.I. Joe backpack. It's the bully who needs to change, not the victim or potential victim.

    I got bullied A LOT. Little fat girl with this huge afro that even my hair dresser mother didn't know how to tame. I feel horrible for the 10 year old me. My parents were foreigners so they didn't quite understand why I wanted better clothes or straighter hair. They were concerned about the important stuff, grades and what not. Looking back I'm glad I wasn't part of that click of girls. Today each one of them is miserable. But that doesn't make looking at the past any easier. It was hard, it was horrible, but it molded me into the woman I am today. I don't know what I'll do if Charlie gets bullied, I'm such a mama bear! Luckily we live in a very small town, Charlies dad is well liked, his grampa was a teacher at the school for 35 years. All I can do is love him as much as I can and make sure he knows it. I guess I'll learn as I go.
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