im very uupset of myself

today my cusin gave me the news the his girl is pregnant and it really affect me:( idk bt always when someone in the family gets pregnant it really take me down:(

    i am happy for them. for the little angel.. but it upset me becuse i have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 yrs:( its like i feel like crap becus i cant get pregnant i dont knowif you undersant how i feel..
    yes, I totally understand how you feel, Malena! You know, it may seem that getting pregnant is easy for everyone but you. Probably, people telling you to be "patient and positive" when something like this is happening to them. In any case, you should just try it. No need to tell anyone else who doesn't support your decision. Just don't give up. My sister went through infertility and after 10(!) years she got pregnant and now has a wonderful little boy. HUGS!!!
    Malena, I can understand you as well as myself... I'm trying to get pregnant during last year, and unsuccessful... But it's not the reason to be upset and judge yourself - it's not your decision, only God knows when.
    I'm glad for your cusin - your family will have a baby, and it's awesome! Dont think of it like about the competition - because it's totally not that). You'll be mom when time come, I'm sure).

      I bet you're sort of tired of hearing "your time will come"... I think what you mean, is that your not UNhappy for others, but that when you hear about someone else having a baby in the family, it stirs up many emotions of how much YOU want and wish for a baby of your own.
      I don't think it's jealousy... at all.. I think that you feel envious of someone else being pregnant when you want it for yourself so badly.

      Though I DO believe your time will come, I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel after TWO years of trying... I also know that becoming pregnant be MORE difficult when you hold emotions in.. emotions that are uncomfortable... it's OKAY for you to say, "I'm so happy for you and it makes me wish I was pregnant too"...

      Just know that your emotional well being has a lot to do with being able to conceive.. Even if you don't feel it, say out loud that you're happy for them and ready for your own... and then try to feel joy and stay positive, because a happy person makes for a better place for a baby to latch on...

      Hang in there... Allow yourself to feel joy for someone else and soon you will feel ir for yourself. :)

        I am going through the very exact thing you are going through. When I hear about my friends/family becoming pregnant(which has happened a lot here recently) I am so happy for them but on the flip side I have been trying for one of my own for a long time and it does make me happy for them but for me it can sometimes be stressfull and heartrenching because I want one of my own.
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        i have psco and i really want ot get pregnant i have been trying to get pregnant for the las 18months and i feel like nothing works and really frustated about it
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