speak my mind or keep quiet

my daughter and the father of her children split over a month ago and she immediately started dating someone else. he is 37 and she just turned 20. no one in our family likes him, including my 2 year old granddaughter. the guy isn't any better than the last one but my daughter doesn't see it. she is talking about moving in with the guy but we told her it isn't a good idea especially if she is in custody battle with the father of her children. I'm to the point where I won't babysit anymore or even bother with her but I don't wanna do that to my grandchildren. should I continue to voice my opinion or let it go and let her learn her lesson even if it means she would lose her girls

4JennHanover, Pennsylvania
    I think you should voice your opinion to her. I think she needs to know you are concerned about her and her daughter. However you just have to keep in mind that she is an adult who can make her own choices even if they aren't the one you would make. But always think you should tell her how you feel. Hopefully she sees that the impression she may make to the court by moving in with this guy so soon may not be a good one.
      my mother, my oldest daughter and I have all tried talking to her and she gets defensive. she wants to know why we like my oldest daughter's boyfriend but not hers. hers is creepy where the other is nice. it seems like it's a competition thing that she is mainly with him cause she wants a boyfriend. she keeps saying she doesn't wanna follow in my foot steps but she already is. If her ex gets the girls he will take them to Mexico and she might never get them back. she won't listen to anyone
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