Homework Struggles?

As a mom what do you find is the biggest frustration with your kids and their homework?

    I'd have to say the most irritating thing is when my 16 year old step son comes home after being sick for 7 days and claims he has no homework. I went to the same school as he does now just a couple years ago I know he's full of it and I hate being lied to.
      8Theresa Gould
      For us it's not so much homework that is a frustration but getting off our daily schedule. Everyone knows after breakfast, clean up and morning chores it's school time, but if something interrupts that it messes up our whole day. Or if someone says they cannot find their school work when they all have back packs....that is frustrating and just an excuse to us because they know they are suppose to keep their work in their back packs.
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