Math facts?

What things have you found helped your child learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts?​

    Amanda Hurley
    I use the grocery store. When we buy things, I have Jasmine add them up. She is too little for multiplication and division, but we use food and everyday activities for addition and subtraction.
      as I remember, for me it was simple things like sticks - my father played with me and showed me the main principles.
      I also had great books with cartoons) And food is really good to explain.
      You can use anything for it - kids have strong imagination and do not need special things, they can play with almost everything).
        Hi Rayna!

        My son is 9 and to get his multiplication facts down.. I used the old boring flash cards.. Only I would choose ten of them at a time and just throughout the evening or day, would flash a couple and sometimes I made it fun, like if he was on the potty (he's 9 so he can be there for a while).. I would just flash one around the door.. or in the middle of dinner, I would flash one...

        For each one he got quickly...since it's really memorization at this point.. I would give him a gummy bear.. or skittle or m and m.. or a dime.. (I don't normally bribe with sugar, but sometimes you do what it takes lol..)

        And the tough ones.. they he would struggle with.. 7 times 8... I would make up a song to go with it or a funny sentence.. or sometimes.. if we just said it in a rythmic way.. he would get it...

        My daughter is 6 and we are on to her adding and subtracting facts and she just asked me to do what I did with her brother.. and so we started a few days ago and so far she's nailing them... (she works for gum.. lol)

        So, in short.. the best way I got them to know them is to make it part of our day and to make it fun and silly almost.. Like they had to Sing the answer... or if they got ten right in a row... I would do the chicken dance...

        granted.. it's not always fun.. I would get frustrated or tired and there were days I skipped them or didn't want to do the chicken dance... lol..

        but they got them...

        Good luck!!!
          Sorry.. I just want to say, that the math facts are primarily just memorization.. They know how to GET the answers and figure them out .. but to get them where they just KNOW them like that (i'm snapping)... then this was the best way... This of course is after they have learned how to figure it out... this is the point when they just need to know
            8Theresa Gould
            Repetition, repetition, repetition. We've used food, counting bears and other math manipulatives. We also used a music cd for our older girls which seemed to help, but we've since lost or broke it and have never replaced it.
              Rachelle Crabtree
              We get a bag of their favorite candy (like m&ms or skittles) and do it that way, and when they are done they have their candy as a reward on learning their addition, subtraction, multiplication or/and division facts.
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