3 Year Old Cracks CellPhone Password and Saves Mother

This little girl is amazing! It is incredible that she knew what to do in such a crisis. Would your children know what to do if something happened to you? Do they know how to use the cell phone? dial 911? leave a voicemail?

I think I will start teaching these things to my daughter as soon as I can!

    We have been working so hard with my 4 year old trying to teach him how to call for trouble. It's a tough situation since you don't want them to actually call, but hopefully in an emergency he would know what to do now.
      I hate having to go over worse case scenarios with my kids.. it scares them.. and part of me wants them to believe that we poop rainbows and butterflies.. but truth is... you know what can happen.. I tell them. if we are prepared, it's less scary.. and it's just me and them.. so if something happens to me, they have to know who to call, which neighbor is okay.. etc.. all out phone numbers, addresses,.. etc...

      The Earthquake today was scary so I re upped it all..

      I have a list of friends numbers on the fridge.. it's all programmed into the 2 phones we have.. and they know who to call first, second, etc...AND the people on the list are aware they're on the list..

      They know what to do in earthquake, lost, if I fall, etc...

      Yes.. they've been scared a few nights here and there.. thinking about it, but it passes.. They also know I lost my dad young and ask mme what I did.. .

      I reminded them that I was sad, but OKAY...
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        love this
          very , very cool
            This is such a great story!
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