Blowihg raspberries. A developmental milestone.

A baby's ability to "blow raspberries," or make bubbling sounds with her lips and tongue, indicate proper development of budding speech skills and communication. Here are some facts worth knowing about blowing raspberries as a developmental milestone in babies.
1. Helps she/he speak
2. Often most will start around 5 months, but if not by 8 consult your doctor. This could indicate speech/neurological delays.

Moms Expertise
    This is my daughter at 3 months in January blowing raspberries, she still does it.
      yup my lil guy started at 4 months with raspberries and at 5 months he holds his breath and does it with his lips not tongue and now almost 7 months he goes back and forth with using tongue and with just lips...also they say baby won't understand how peek a boo works till one but he takes the blanket and puts it up to his face then put it down he was doing that at 5 month i love it when he imitates me it shows that he is paying attention and it surprises me and makes me happy when he learn on his own like he claps his feet together its soooo cute
      Selena loves peek a boo, I get the biggest grin from her and a giggle.
        for sure
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