EARTHQUAKE! Good Morning Los Angeles...

Well, having grown up in SF and now loving in LA.. I have to say that this morning was the BIGGEST one I have ever felt... Ever...

6;25 this morning, kids were having snacks on the couch, I went to get my phone from the side of my bed and heard a loud BOOM.. I stopped for a second, trying to place it.. then the building shook.. and when I say shook... I mean like SHOOK... I could see it move, my bed going back and forth like if you shook a rock in a shoe box.. I yelled to my kids, "Stay put" Hoping they didn't get up to run to me.. and I ran out to them... and my son was hiding under the blankets on the couch and my daughter was under the coffee table...

In hindsight it's pretty funny... I mean to find them like that and see them move that fast and the pride that they did exactly what i told them to do and not to freak out..

The apartment pool was sloshing and things fell off shelves..

Wasn't even that big, but felt HUGE.. I thought for SURE... it was a bigger one..

The epicenter was a mile away from us.. so no wonder...

Anyway... back to normal we go.. ten minutes of crazy and kids at school, I'm at work, going to gym, target... Life goes on...

    Glad to hear you guys are safe! Watch out for after shocks.

    I grew up in Los Angeles and I have experienced many earthquakes. The Northridge quake when I was a kid was the scariest one I ever went through. I am glad that there are no earthquakes where I live now.
      It turns out to be a 4.4 or 4.7.. Not huge. decent.. but it was only five miles below the surface and the freaking epicenter was right THERE.. lol..

      It felt HUGE.. which makes me nervous.. Cause I've been through the 89 earthquake near SF where our Bay Bridge collapsed (SF TO EAST BAY) AND... '94 Northridge one here ..which was actually in Reseda..(the valley) but called Northridge..

      it felt THAT big.. those were 6.7 ish I think..

      Not pleased with our apartment.. we are fine... But I think something bigger.. yikes...
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