VHS tapes.. LandLINES!! My kids don't know what they are!!!??

So.. the VHS tapes is normal.. I have a small box of VHS tapes that I've kept.. and haven't put on DVD yet.. and my kids saw them and asked what they were.. I showed them my Pat Benatar tape too and they were so confused lol

But THEN... My mom,.. she has an old regular cordless home phone, with and answering MACHINE.. and last time we were there.. They both asked me what it was.. BOTH.. the phone and the machine... They guessed it was a phone.. they're not stupid.. BUT they looked at it like it was an alien.. so funny..

Then I realized.. They shouldn't know.. I just have mobile phones.. no land line.. I'll find a rotary phone and show them.. or better yet when we see a pay phone.. old school.. they stare at it..

What's something you have or had that your kids would never know what it is??

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