Won't use potty... :(

My son wants to ware big boy undies but refuses to use the potty he is 2 yr and 4 mo. Old.. I don't want to argue with a 2 yr old I will get no where.. But I don't want pee and poo everywhere :(

    He's too young then.. Not ready... 2 years and 4 months??? That's young.. and early..

    Don't push him now.. it will back fire.. let it go.. go back to diapers, etc.. and don't bring it up again for a few months.. then OFFER a potty to begin with... then about a couple of months before 3.. you make it happen in a week.. but we get there.. right now.. he's too young. don't listen to anything... don't let anyone tell you that he needs to learn. .. don't let anyone tell you that they had their kids trained by 1 or 2.. they're lying or crazy.. I promise you..

    Cognitively, he's just not there yet.. it as NOTHING TO DO WITH INTELLIGENCE... or smarts or ANYTHING...

    SO, it's okay... relax. he's still a baby.. let him be one for a few more months then re introduce.. let it go for now... promise... I've been through this 3 times and around my two nieces.. when they were babies..
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