To Spank or Not to Spank?

What to do when the kids misbehaves. My in-laws believe in spanks. I do not. I be believe in other forms of punishment then hit the the child. Like for example: Taking things away, Time-Out, Sending them to their room or ground them and etc. I think spanking a child is just teaching them it is ok. to hit people. What type of discipline do you believe in?

5Soninka MartinManassas, Virginia
    Generally I do not spank, I use other forms of discipline and positive reinforcement. In the past I have used physical punishment but I have a very specific policy on when it can be used.

    For example:
    Toddler runs out into the street, I am going to give a swat on the butt because I want the toddler to associate running into the street with pain.

    Child touches the stove top after being told not to, I am going to smack their hand because I want the child to associate touching the stove top with pain.

    I want the child to understand that certain things are dangerous and will physically hurt you.
    Katie - I have almost the same policy. Light swats (not even true spanking) is to "jar them" when doing dangerous behaviour. Otherwise, I try other methods. Generally, I really, really attempt (though don't always succeed) to not punish. Sometimes, just understanding their feelings and frustrations allows the kids to self-correct so that punishment isn't necessary. I think as parents we need to empathasize more with how our kids feel. It's hard to have that level of powerlessness over your own life.
      I prefer taking things away or facing the wall. Sometimes when taking things away does not work we tell the children to face the wall. That is our form of time out. They must turn and face the wall for a given amount of time. We tried a traditional time out but as they grew older they got more mischevious and bold with their timeout places... so we entered the face the wall stage! i must say that my children are rather good and listen well... so we do not have to use this punishment that often... but it does work!
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