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doctor calld my mom saying my blood work for my sugar came back really high. And she want me to retest tomor morning again . What can happend if its high ?!

    Are they going to do the 3hr glucose test tomorrow?

    I have heard that it is common to fail the 1hr test and that the 3hr test is more accurate. If you fail the second test that it means you have gestational diabetes and you will have to adjust your diet and check your blood sugars to keep them under control.
      I had gestational diabetes with my son. If that is the case it is completely managable. Usually they start by having you watch your diet and test you blood sugar levels. If your levels remain to high you may have to use insulin. I just needed to watch my diet. Less sugary foods, be careful of eating too many carbs, and more water. A lot of it is casued by the pregnancy hormones blocking the production of insulin. The doctor should educate you on all of it. Feel free to ask me questions if your results come back positive.
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