i want to have a place of my own so I can feel independent and that i dont have a bunch of people how to raise my daughter. But finding a job is becoming my issue and that is starting to make me bummed. i just wish some place would hire me. grrr!!!

    I know what you mean. When Pie was first born we were in between homes and stayed with my MIL. THAT was interesting, considering our different rules for what he could and could not have, his skin sensitivities, and the fact that she thought we were both raising him wrong because of our rules. It can be fun. BUT keep your mind set on positive things, try not strangle anyone, and everything will work out for the best!
      8Theresa Gould
      That would be very difficult. I know in the past when certain ones would interfere I found it hard and we were not even living with them! I hope you can find something to support yourself. I know how frustrating it is.
        I dont give them attitude, i just nod like im listening. Her grandmother constanty try to get me to change her bottle or ive changed once and now she wants me to change it again. I dont want to hurt her feelings but im not made of money and cant afford to do things like. i love getting advice so dont take it as i feel your doing my job, just some people should known when they are going to far. Ive applied to olive garden, family express, babies r us, mcdonalds, burger king, strack and van til, lukes, red lobster, speedway. Ive got a few interviews from some but never seem to make it passed the interview.
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